Is Roofart Scandic steel guttering compatible with other steel gutters? May 26, 2015 12:52

As you may be aware there are other manufacturers of steel gutters available in the UK market. The most common known brands you will see are Lindab Rainline, Rainclear Zambelli and the newly launched Saint Gobain Cyclone system.

We have had a couple of queries as to whether our Roofart gutter can be used with other makes, either as replacement parts or extending a run of guttering. The answer to this is that Roofart is compatible only with Lindab but no other makes that we are aware of in the UK. The other makes are of different depths or profile to Roofart so will not join from gutter to gutter.

Please note (and this should go without saying), but Roofart and Lindab are only compatible if using like-for -like diameter gutters or pipes. Clearly you will not be able to join a 100mm Lindab gutter with a 125mm Roofart gutter, or a 75mm Lindab pipe with an 87mm Roofart pipe.

I hope this helps but if you require more information please do not hesitate to get in contact.