125mm to 87mm Black Prelaq Steel Gutter Outlet


125mm to 87mm Black Prelaq Steel Gutter Outlet
  • Main element connecting the gutter to the downpipe
  • Easy to mount to gutter using a hack saw and either pliers or rubber mallet to form the hole and drip edge for outlet
  • 125mm gutter diameter will only fall to 87mm diameter downpipe
  • Bottom end of outlet at 85mm diameter allowing either plain pipe or pipe bend to fit over as connection

Roofart Black coated galvanised guttering is manufactured with a hard wearing Prelaq finish which is resistant to discolouration and scratching. This product comes with a 15 year Roofart guarantee.

Dimensions (See drawing):

  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 85mm
  • Dim C - 140mm
  • Dim D - 150mm
  • Dim E - 212mm
  • Dim F - 87mm
  • Dim G - 30mm
Roofart Product Code - RA
Southern Sheeting Product Code - RA1OUT125-BK

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