100mm Black Prelaq Steel 60 Degree Pipe Bend


100mm Black Prelaq Steel 60 degree Downpipe bend.

  • Can be used to bring pipe from the outlet closer to the wall with a small length of pipe between
  • Also  useful to change the direction of water drainage around obstacles
  • 2 bends required to make up a swan-neck
  • At the top end of the bend the diameter is 100mm so requires a spigot end (male end) of downpipe or 1m pipe which is 98mm diameter to insert into it.
  • The bottom of the downpipe bend is spigoted (male end) with diameter of 98mm so will insert directly into a piece of plain end 3m long or 1m long downpipe
  • For more information on how this works please see other drawing and below measurements or see the installation video which shows downpipe connections at about 4min in.
Dimensions (see drawing):
  • Dim A - 100mm
  • Dim B - 98mm
  • Dim C - 60degree
  • Dim D - 50mm
Roofart Product Code - CB
Southern Sheeting Product Code - RA1BEND100-BK

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