125mm to 87mm Plain Galvanised Gutter Outlet


125mm to 87mm Plain Galvanised Gutter Outlet
  • Main element connecting the gutter to the downpipe
  • Easy to mount to gutter without any need for extra drilling (wings fold over back edge of gutter)
  • A hole will need to be cut into the length of gutter at the desired area to allow water to flow from gutter, through outlet and into rainwater pipe
  • Attractive outlet design with Roofart logo stamped into the face

For a detailed guide on how to install the Roofart Metal Gutter Outlet please see our installation video

RoofArt Scandic plain galvanised products come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee (This does not apply to coastal locations where Prelaq finish material is advised)

Dimensions (See drawing):

  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 85mm
  • Dim C - 140mm
  • Dim D - 150mm
  • Dim E - 212mm
  • Dim F - 87mm
  • Dim G - 30mm
Roofart Product Code - RA
Southern Sheeting Product Code - RA1OUT125-GV

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