150mm to 100mm Black Prelaq Steel Gutter Outlet


150mm to 100mm Black Prelaq Steel Gutter Outlet
  • Drop outlet connecting the gutter to the downpipe (note that a stop end outlet is not available so separate stop ends are required)
  • This outlet will take water from a 150mm gutter into a 100mm downpipe only.  (Can also be used with Lindab Rainline System of the same size)
  • Easy to mount to gutter in desired location
  • Installer required to create a hole/cut in the gutter first before then attaching the outlet over the hole.  For a quick demonstration on how this works please take a moment to watch the installation video here (outlet installation features at roughly 3mins into tutorial)


Dimensions (See drawing):

  • Dim A - 150mm
  • Dim B - 95mm
  • Dim C - 170mm
  • Dim D - 168mm
  • Dim E - 265mm
  • Dim F - 110mm
  • Dim G - 40mm
Roofart Product Code - RA
Southern Sheeting Product Code - RA1OUT150-BK

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