87mm Plain Galvansied 60 Degree Pipe Bend


87mm Plain Galvansied 60 degree Downpipe bend.
  • 2 bends required to make up a swan-neck
  • Can be used to bring pipe from the outlet closer to the wall with a small length of pipe between
  • Also useful to change the direction of water drainage around obstacles
  • Top end of bend at 87mm diameter capable of fitting over 87mm diameter outlet or over the male (spigot) end of 1m downpipe or 3m downpipe
  • Bottom end of bend is the male (spigot) end capable of fitting inside the plain end of a downpipe or into the top end of another bend
  • For added security a self tapping screw or rivet should be used to hold joint where pipe meets bend.  (fixings screws/rivets not provided but widely available at local builders merchant or DIY store)

RoofArt Scandic plain galvanised products come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee (This does not apply to coastal locations where Prelaq finish material is advised)

Dimensions (see drawing):

  • Dim A - 87mm
  • Dim B - 86mm
  • Dim C - 60degree
  • Dim D - 50mm
Roofart Product Code - CB
Southern Sheeting Product Code - RA1BEND87-GV

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